Lettuce, Microgreens and more Happy Hens at Bella Vita Farm

Staying Healthy as the Weather Turns Cold

Healthy eating isn’t seasonal.  Healthy eating and healthy habits are year-round.  In the winter we tend to gravitate toward warm comfort foods.  A salad with a warm protein such as chicken, egg, salmon or a meatless protein option could also be a comfort food.  Add a salad to your warm bowl of soup to keep getting your greens!

Microgreens are a great way to get your vitamins and nutrients during the winter.  You can read more about microgreens here. These tiny little greens are packed with lots of micronutrients, essential for many of your body cell functions such as vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenoids (plant compounds, some used to make vitamin A and others help maintain eye health). They add flavor and color to many dishes, soups, sandwiches, eggs and potatoes.

We have expanded our flock of chickens so that we will have eggs all year long.  We now have 225 happy hens as part of the Bella Vita flock. The honor fridge is right in front of the greenhouse for your convenience. We have it stocked with fresh eggs and a few greenhouse items in case you need something after hours.  We are here because of the great customers in our community and we value each one of you.

This winter Bella Vita’s greenhouse will continue to have our great salad lettuces, herbs and microgreens as well as tomatoes and peppers.

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Lettuces Honor Fridge